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Although the focus on water filtration is usually about drinking water, there is a high level of chlorine and other chemicals that can be absorbed into your system during a bath or shower. Chlorine was added to our water systems over 100years ago to combat diseases such as cholera and typhoid and its use is highly effective, however chlorine is a poison that can be destructive to your skin, hair and overall health. It is widely believed cumulative exposure to chlorine significantly increases the rate of heart disease and both bladder and colon cancer. Bathing in water containing chlorine allows the chemical to be absorbed through the skin and also inhaled with the vapour from showers and hot baths. People who suffer from dermatitis and eczema and other sensitive skin conditions are prone to rashes and irritation from chlorine and bathing every day can be a problem for them. The simple and highly effective solution for your skin and overall health is to filter the water you bathe and shower in. The improvement on sensitive skin can be quite dramatic as the irritating chemicals are no longer present, leaving skin and hair softer and stronger. Also people with normal skin will find their hair and skin is softer and less likely to become dry or itchy, particularly in the winter. Continental shower and bath filters are easy to install and all contain replaceable cartridges to ensure optimum performance. Most shower filters replace the showerhead with an energy saving head to help the environment. Filtering your shower and bath water also helps to prevent the growth of mould and other bacteria.