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Continental Whole House Water Filtration Systems are designed as a point-of-entry system that filters all the water that enters your home plumbing system from any outside water supply including bore water and water tanks. You and your family can enjoy the health benefits of pure, clean water from every single water source in the house, the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and other “wet areas” such as bars and water using appliances will all have safe, healthy water on tap! Whole house water filtration also benefits the air quality inside the home, as chlorine and other chemicals, dirt and impurities will no longer be released into the air as vapour – from showers, baths, washing machines, dishwashers and other hot water using appliances. Inhaling chlorine vapour is strongly correlated to the onset or aggravation of asthma and bronchitis, a condition that is highly prevalent in Australia. Most whole house water filtration systems use a twin stage filtration process, the first stage removes sediment and the second stage removes chemicals, pesticides and remnants of biological matter.