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We are only as good as the people we choose to work with and we have chosen our supplier partners carefully.

Industry Associations

Continental Water is a proud member of the following Industry Associations.

All our products are designed and manufactured in Australia.

IBC Water
Since 1888 we have provided an array of water filter solutions from rural bore water to domestic water filters. IBC has a heritage like no other water business in Australia. We are proud to welcome IBC Water to the Continental Water group of companies.

Vortex is a patented, Australian owned and manufactured, water filter housing. With a unique cyclonic design, the Vortex housing forces pollutants to cover the cartridge evenly, delivering you with longer cartridge life, fresher, more pure water and the confidence of knowing that your family has 21st century pure water for improved health and vitality.

Ozone Industries
Australian made, Ozone Industries family of UV ozone systems are the finest grade on the market. Made from easy to clean stainless steel, the unit is built to commercial standards for a long life and ease of use. Ozone is a natural sanitiser which is used in food and beverage processing, waste holding and flood and fire restoration. We have a range of systems and sizes to meet the needs of your business.

Dolphin Desalinators
Dolphin Desalinators are designed, built and manufactured in Australia. Our desalinators are used by the Australian Defence Force, communities with support from Australian Government Departments, Vietnam Navy vessels, boat builders, private yachts, resorts and remote communities. With a range of sizes, our desalination units can be customised to suit any capacity requirement.

We are part of the Speck Pumps family.

Speck Pumps | BADU
Speck Pumps (Germany) have been producing high quality pumps for 100 years. Their pumps are the global market leader for quality and innovation and we are proud to be the EXCLUSIVE distributor of Speck Pumps in Australia.

Australian Distribution Partners.

Kinetico delivers the highest water quality reliably, continuously and to the most exacting standards. We work closely with Kinetico on a day to day basis and as a result have a rich understanding of their product range. If you want a commercial or industrial Kinetico water filtration solution you can be assured that our sales team and technicians know their products and how to make a Kinetico application work for you.

Industry Partnerships.

The Swimming Pool and Spa Association of New South Wales Ltd (SPASA) consists of individuals and businesses from the swimming pool and spa industry. SPASA members set themselves apart from the rest of the industry by setting standards of skill, workmanship and ethical business behaviour in the best interests of pool and spa owners.


The Australian Water Association is Australia’s leading membership association for water professionals and organisations.


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