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In highly sensitive areas such as hospital CSSD, Renal, & Pathology departments and pharmaceutical laboratories or research facilities, the veracity of your outcomes is reliant on the precision and reliability of every piece of equipment and input you use.

A constant, consistent supply of Type I, Type II or Type III water is essential and our systems and service teams are there to ensure this happens.

Additionally, in areas such as laundries and kitchens, the introduction of a water purification system can double the life of your expensive equipment.

Depending on your requirements, we use deionisation, reverse osmosis, ultra violet and ultrafiltration – either separately or combined in a purpose built system – to achieve the results you need.

Our systems are designed to meet the latest Quality Standards for CSSD applications, including hot water sanitization, and all other applicable State and Federal regulations.

Our systems are in most major hospital and pathology laboratories in the country and, in addition to being the initiators of service deionisation in Australia, we can also design a system tailor-made to meet your needs and your budgetary requirements.

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