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Speck Pumps

As the sole distributor in Australia we are proud to be part of the Speck family group of companies. Speck has been manufacturing quality pumps for 100 years and continues to be the name linked with innovation and technology.

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Badu SwimJet Systems are the biggest selling swim jet systems in America because they are the best, which makes them a natural choice for your pool in Oz. The systems' cutting edge design and powerful jets turn your pool into a gymnasium or amusement park the whole family can enjoy.

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Frequently asked questions

Are all Speck pumps the same?

No.  Speck has more than 100 years worth of knowledge about what is right for different pools and applications.  A pump for a pond water feature is very different to a pump designed to run a BADU SwimJet System.  To find which pump is best for you, we encourage you to contact one of our stockists.  To find your nearest stockist just follow the link on our web site.

Does a Speck pump come with a warranty?

Yes.  All Speck pumps come with a 5 year warranty on wet parts and a 2 year warranty on dry parts.  Unlike a lot of other pumps that only come with a 1 year warranty, we are confident that Speck pumps are made to the very highest standards and back that promise up with our pump and parts warranty.
Plus, all Speck pumps come with a comprehensive range of spare parts to make them durable and an investment that keeps delivering year after year – not a throw away item which needs constant replacement.

What is a BADU Swim Jet system?

A BADU SwimJet System passes a stream of high pressured water through your still pool water to create a current. The system pumps water through specially designed jet nozzles which allow you to swim or run against the current,  or attach a special massage hose which can be used to ease away aches and pains. Plus the kids will have endless fun riding with the current on pool inflatables. A BADU SwimJet System is a great addition to a smaller pool to allow you do laps to keep fit without leaving home.
To find out more about BADU SwimJet Systems click here to receive a brochure or speak to your pool builder.

Are BADU SwimJet Systems easy to install?

Yes.  A BADU SwimJet System does need to be installed by a professional, but it is a quick and easy process.

What if I have a pool already? Does that mean I can’t get a BADU SwimJet System?

Any pool can have a BADU SwimJet System installed. We have an array of systems to suit any budget, pool or lifestyle.

Why a Sand Filter?

A Sand Filter is a low maintenance filtration option for your pool or spa.  It does need to be plumbed to a sewer line unlike a cartridge filter but you don’t need to wash the filter media manually which saves time and energy.  All you need to do is flick a switch and the backwashing function cleans the media in the filter.
You can look at various media options for a Sand Filter including glass.   On average you need to replace the media every five years.

Why a Cartridge Filter?

A Cartridge Filter is a more compact option than a Sand Filter so is a good option if space is at a premium.  A Cartridge Filter needs to be cleaned manually which means it does not need to be plumbed to a sewer line.  It is a more affordable than a Sand Filter and the Filter Cartridge needs to be replaced every two years.

How does a Conti Chlor Salt Water Chlorinator work?

A salt water chlorinator makes its’ own chlorine – eliminating the need for you to buy harsh chemicals and add them to your pool yourself.  Salt water chlorinators pass salt water through an electric cell to produce chlorine to keep your pool pristine.

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