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Speck Pumps

As the sole distributor in Australia we are proud to be part of the Speck family group of companies. Speck has been manufacturing quality pumps for 100 years and continues to be the name linked with innovation and technology.

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Badu SwimJet Systems are the biggest selling swim jet systems in America because they are the best, which makes them a natural choice for your pool in Oz. The systems' cutting edge design and powerful jets turn your pool into a gymnasium or amusement park the whole family can enjoy.

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Salt Water Chlorinators

Chlorine is the most effective and widely used swimming pool sanitiser. Salt water chlorination is a process that uses electrolysis to act as a chlorine generator to produce hypochlorous acid and sodium from dissolved salt. As such, a saltwater pool is not actually chlorine-free; it simply uses salt to generate the chlorine, which means you don’t have to store bulk quantities of chemicals on your property and, because the chlorinator operates the whole time the filter is operating, the level of chlorination in your pool is much less subject to fluctuation.

Our chlorinators are available in analog and fully automated digital models, all designed to keep your pool sparkling clean all year round.

This chart will help you determine the correct size chlorinator for your needs – just check the amount of chlorine, in grams per hour, required for the size of your pool and your climate.


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Speck CCS Chlorinator available in both self cleaning or manual models.

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